timecapsulez reel-to-reel

We carry a variety of studio reels that we sell to collectors who have realized that analog reel-to-reel can be the best sound around. From Classical to Opera, Folk to Pop, Easy Listening to Country and even Rock ’n Roll, these are very much in demand and typically sell within days of being listed.


collector's corner

Occasionally we come across artists like Black Sabbath, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin & even Michael Jackson on reel and these typically sell in minutes. If you are looking for titles to add to your collection please contact us or check our site often as we list new items daily!

stocked warehouse

Our inventory consists of the more available 7” 4-track Stereo reels; however, we do find Quadraphonic reels and 2-track for inline heads on occasion. Again these are rarer and more expensive. We also sell blank reels for recording on your own and we also sell the decks for playing the reels.